"I have known Danny for a number of years now, and he continually impresses me with his work ethic, his desire to provide an entertaining and informative broadcast, and his humble and friendly demeanor, which with my over 15 years in Division I NCAA broadcasting at Clemson, Georgia Southern, and now LSU, is a rare trait. Beyond all of that, his control of the language, understanding of the team, and description of the action is superb."

-Chris Blair, Radio Play-by-Play, LSU


"I am highly impressed by Danny. It's evident that he's done a lot of games, and done them well. His pace, inflection, command of the action and the audience are all there. He has the polish of a seasoned veteran."

-Andy Demetra, Director of Broadcasting/Play-by-Play, Georgia Tech


"Danny has a very crisp and professional approach. His energy is excellent, his delivery is well-paced and he has a great passion for this business."

-Bob Kesling, Radio Play-by-Play, University of Tennessee


"Danny is a tireless worker, and his broadcasts certainly show that. He uses colorful and descriptive language that pulls you in and is a pleasure to listen to."

-Kris Atteberry, Radio Play-by-Play, Minnesota Twins


"Danny is a true professional, one whose voice is clear and unmistakable and makes the casual listener even more intent to follow the action. I could not hold him in higher regard."

-Andy Solomon, Development Officer for Athletics (retired), The Citadel